The Aim

This site has the sole aim of providing its readers with the information regarding the cases of those British soldiers that were “Shot at Dawn” during the 1914-1918 war. It is not within the scope of this site to debate or decide the moral/political/ethical implications of the cases, it is purely to relay the facts for its readers’ study and thus the information provided will be purely factual and not, as a result, in any way opinionated.


Evolution of the site

The site was started by Jonathan Ball (Twitter: @3468marsh ), a friend of mine with a great knowledge of Military History. All of the information so far (as of 13/06/14) has been transcribed and posted by Jonathan and the project was/is truly his brain child. The site generated a lot of interest as this is a very interesting subject which almost everybody has an opinion on. Sadly, Jonathan no longer had time to maintain the site. I was honoured to accept his offer to take over the site as its subject is a truly important and I hope I can advance the site.


You can contact me by emailing: blindfoldandalone@outlook.com

Or follow me ( @InThatRichEarth ) on Twitter.

If you have any ideas/requests then feel free to contact me and I will take them on board.

A Necessary Disclaimer

Just one day into this blog and I awoke this morning to a number of correspondents pointing out the name of the blog matches that of the book by John Hughes-Wilson and Cathryn Corns. This is indeed correct.

The term ‘Blindfold and Alone’ originally comes from the epitaph The Coward by Rudyard Kipling..

I could not look on death, which being known,

Men led me to him, blindfold and alone.

This blog will consist purely of material drawn from the files held at the National Archives in London. It is in no way connected to the work, views and opinions of John Hughes-Wilson and Cathryn Corns and will not contain any extracts from their book.

1 Response to About

  1. 8055bell says:

    Challenging stories that must be told. The hearings tell us much more surrounding the events for the units and battles. Records of three men from the same Brigade as my Grandfather provide new background on background and circumstances.

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