The FGCM of 1957 Pte. William Hunt 18/Manchester Regiment (Part 2)

Further Statements

The accused then addressed the court saying:

Captain Scully 2nd Bn MANCHESTER REGT  could speak for my conduct in the trenches for nearly 12 months.

Court re-opened.

Prosecutor Capt. TJ Kelly 18th Manchester Regt. being duly sworn states:

I produce the accompanying conduct sheet of the accused Pte. Hunt.

(Signed) R.K Walsh Lt. Col

Presdt FGCM

 Conduct Sheet

Etaples 1.8.16 Absent from parading with a draft for the front at 3.45pm till Tattoo

Punishment: 28 days F.P No.1

O.M.A.S 16.8.16  Being in BETHUNE without a pass

Absent from Billets without permission

19.8.16 Being absent from parade at 3pm

Absent from Billets from 3pm to 6pm

Punishment: 14 Days F.P No.1

O.M.A.S 24.8.16 When on active service disobeying in such a manner as to show a wilful defiance of authority a lawful command given personally by his superior officer in the execution of his office.

Punishment: 1 Years Hard Labour

Remission: Commuted to 3 months F.P No.1 by G.O.C 30th Div.

Further remission: Remitted to 9 days of F.P by 1st Army Comm. (10/9/16)

Statement from the C.O of 18/Manchester Regiment

To H.Q

90th Infantry Brigade

I enclose herewith a statement regarding the Character of No. 1957 Private Hunt.

From my own personal knowledge of the accused I am of opinion that he deliberately absented himself from his company in the trenches with the intention of avoiding the particular service involved.

This man joined the 18th Battn. Manchester Regt with a draft on August 4th 1916. He is a regular soldier (special reserve) and states that he was previously with the 2nd Manchester Regiment and has been two years in France. His general behaviour whilst with the battn under my command has been unsatisfactory. He had only been in action with his Coy once and as a consequence the present charge was proposed against him.

H B Williams Lt. Col

Commanding 18th Manch. R


November 2nd 1916

Name of alleged offender: No. 1957 Private W. Hunt, 18th Battalion, Manchester Regt.

Offence Charged: Section 12 (1a) Army Act “Where on Active Service Deserting his Majesty’s Service”

Plea: Not Guilty

Finding, and if convicted, Sentence: Guilty. To suffer death by being shot.

(Signed)  JH Lloyd

Comm. 90th Inf. Brigade


1. I should recommend that the sentence be Commuted and carried out when commuted.

2. The character of the accused as a fighting man has not been at all satisfactory.

3.  The general state of discipline of the Battn. has been good.

4. Comm. Officers opinion attached.

5. There is no circumstance which requires the sentence penalty to be inflicted. The man is young, but his presence in the ranks of new reinforcements is not all desirable.

JH Lloyd

Commander 90th Inf Bde


Now follows a series within the file confirming the sentence as imposed by the FGCM

Confidential Headquarters VII Corps “A”


Recommended that the sentence be carried out as the accused appeared to have deliberately absconded himself from the firing line.

(Signed) J Shea    Major General Commanding 30th Division 3.11.16

Third Army ‘A’ forwarded

I agree with the recommendation of the G.O.C 30th Div

(Signed) [illegible]  Major General Comm. VII Corps 4.11.16


Third Army C.M 5002

The Adjutant General,

General Headquarters


I recommend that his sentence of death be carried out.

(Signed) Edmund Allenby


Commanding Third Army




D. Haig. Gen

10 Nov 16


Adjutant General’s Branch

Please Do Not Detach.

Third Army

In confirmation of my telegram No. A(b) 1975 of today. Please note that the C. in C. has confirmed the sentence in the case of No. 1957, Pte W. Hunt, 18th Battalion Manchester Regiment.

Please return the proceedings direct to this office after promulgation.




I certify that No. 1957, Private W. Hunt of the 18th Battalion, The Manchester Regiment, was executed by shooting at 6.37am on 14th November 1916 at place appointed . Death was instantaneous.

(Signed) G.C Robinson

Lieut RAMC

Temp Attached 18th Manchester Regt.

I certify that the sentence of Death awarded by F.G.C.M on No. 1957 Private W. Hunt, 18th Bn. Manchester Regiment, and confirmed by the Commander-in-Chief on the 10th November, 1916, was duly executed at 6.37am today in my presence

(Signed) [illegible]


Assistant Provost Marshal,

30th Division

14th November 1916.

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1 Response to The FGCM of 1957 Pte. William Hunt 18/Manchester Regiment (Part 2)

  1. 8055bell says:

    I can’t like this post, because there is nothing but sadness. Thanks for the story though. Read between the lines and we see a young man broken by two years at the front and transferred to a new Battalion, together with an Army with rigid discipline. It particularly intrigues me because my Grandad was wounded in the assault at Flers where Pt. Hunt would have been when he absented himself on 12th October 1916. We see something about the network of troops behind the front line.

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